Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breakfast Teas

I find it amusing that most "breakfast" teas, whether English, Scottish, or Irish Breakfast, or some of the "China/Chinese Breakfast" blends sold by a number of tea companies, always tend to be strong black teas. While I love many of these and other strong black teas, and I love having tea in the morning, I rarely have these teas for breakfast. These "breakfast" teas I tend to reserve for the late afternoon, usually the last caffeinated cup of the day for me.

My favorite teas for breakfast are bitter green teas. Chun mee and young hyson are probably my favorites, and I also enjoy sencha, especially when it's on the bitter side. My absolute favorite breakfast tea is Upton Tea's Chun Mee Dao Ming. I like a fair amount of astringency in my green tea for breakfast too. In black teas though I like a more mellow tea, like a gentler Darjeeling or a Keemun. I rarely have oolong tea for breakfast, but I have been known to enjoy a raw/green pu-erh, or shou mei white tea.

Do you like breakfast teas for breakfast? Or other teas for breakfast? How about breakfast teas at other times of day?

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  1. I am glad you like Upton's - so do I. I am not a fan of "breakfast" teas, but I love blacks first and foremost. However, I also like Oolong and Chinese greens a lot as well, but not for breakfast. For me, I can really only appreciate them after I am really awake.