Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doing Some Photographing of Tea

Lately I've been lamenting the fact that I have precious few photographs of tea, and I've made a commitment to start photographing more tea. I'm not the best photographer; all I have is my now six-year-old pocket digital camera and a very amateurish skill level, but here's a photo from my recent attempt:

I chose this dish both because of its size and because it has a certain simplicity to it, yet it also has some color, which should give a reference frame. Because it's a familiar blue-and-white Chinese style, I'm hoping that people will be able to get a sense of the color calibration from looking at it.

This is a Bao Zhong oolong purchased from Wegmans supermarket. I'm excited to try all these teas: I've now sampled three of them, but I have yet to write any reviews. Pictured below is Wegmans rooibos.

This plate is considerably larger, and has more colors on it, colors which I found contrasted nicely with the rooibos. Some of these and the many other pictures I've taken should start slowly appearing on RateTea and perhaps other places as well in the coming days and weeks!

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