Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RSS Feeds of Tea Reviews: My Reviews and Others

On my last post Shaia who reviews teas at Teaviews remarked that she enjoys when I post reviews on this blog because she doesn't check RateTea as often as blogs.

I definitely put a lot more effort into RateTea than I do into this blog, as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever. So I wanted to draw some attention to features on RateTea that would be of interest to people who enjoy reading tea reviews:

Review Feeds:

RateTea has a series of RSS feeds for reviews. There's an old news item about RSS feeds on RateTea.com. As a quick summary:

  • For people who enjoy reading lots of reviews, there is a master feed for the site. The amount of reviews here is currently manageable but if the site grows much more it could quickly become unmanageable!

  • Each user or reviewer has a feed. You can read all my latest reviews in my review feed.

  • There are also feeds on the pages for each style of tea and each brand or tea company. You can thus subscribe to feeds of reviews of teas from your favorite company (or if you work for a company, watch people reviewing your own products!) as well as subscribing to feeds of styles of tea that you enjoy, down to a very high level of specificity. For example, you could subscribe to all oolong tea or green tea reviews, or limit yourself to something more specialized, like only kukicha reviews, or only reviews of dancong oolong.

These feeds can be subscribed to like a blog, and will send you all new reviews rolling in, according to whichever feed you subscribed to. Enjoy!


  1. We all have to prioritize, and I respect people who are clear with that. Thanks for the info here!

  2. Thank you! I have subscribed to a couple feeds.