Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea on a Rainy Day - Rain Sharpens the Perception?

Today it is a rainy day here in Philadelphia. I just finished drinking a cup of Upton Tea Imports' ZG46: Ding Gu Da Fang Organic, and you can read my review of this tea on RateTea. I am currently looking out the window to rain, which is slowing somewhat.

I find rain to be rather difficult to photograph. Here's my most successful attempt today:

One thing I love about the view out my window here is the way the wire is flat enough that it accumulates a whole row of cute little water droplets whenever it rains. This occurrence is a pleasing little interplay between human edifices and nature, much like the view of the street tree against the brick building, or the tea that I drink, which is a complex product of a natural plant species that has been carefully processed by humans.

Rain enhances my appreciation of color, and of tea:

People often talk about rainy days as if they are gloomy. But I find that rain actually brings out the colors around me. Even though it is darker on rainy days, and the sky grayer, I find that the grayness and subdued lighting draws attention to colors around me, especially the colors of leafy plants and brick. Colors often look more vibrant to me on a rainy day.

Rain also enhances my appreciation of tea. I love tea on just about any day, but I particularly love tea on cool, rainy days like today.

Does rain improve your ability to enjoy tea? Or color?


  1. No, it makes it taste funny. I just like to use tap water. Haha.

  2. I see what you mean & agree.

    A rainy day might make me a bit more reflective, which of course includes my reflecting on tea and its taste.

    For some reason, darker days accentuate my limitations as a photographer. When the scene is well lit or even sunny, it seems like the photo takes itself.

  3. I realized after reading your post, that I do enjoy my tea a bit more on a rainy day. Overcast days tend to encourage me to slow down, relax and contemplate life. So, I find myself being more mindful of each sip on gloomy day. Plus, here in Minnesota a rainy day in the fall means cold weather and a cup of warm tea in my hands makes me very happy!