Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 5 EzineArticles Articles Sending Traffic to RateTea

I publish on a number of different websites. One site I publish on is EzineArticles, an article directory. Article directories are websites which solicit articles in exchange for free publicity--an author contributes free articles, in exchange for (supposedly) greater visibility and traffic to a website or blog. In general, I do not recommend publishing on article directories; after experimenting with them, I have found them to be a waste of time. EzineArticles is a sole exception, as it has higher standards of editorial integrity than the other sites.

Here are the five articles I've written which have sent the most traffic to RateTea; these are not the articles with the most views:

I think these are some of the better articles I published on the site, reflected in the fact that people actually read through the articles and visit RateTea.

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