Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 5 Most-Viewed Tea Photos on

A website that I also run, but do not publicize very much, is is a rather old site, pre-dating Facebook. Before I founded RateTea, I used to post some tea reviews on that site. More recently, I started uploading photos there. A few of these photos relate to tea.

This post highlights the top 5 most often-viewed tea-related photos hosted on These are not necessarily the best or prettiest photos, just the ones that get the most views. If anything, I think these tend not to be the best photos, with perhaps one exception of a photo that I like. For dramatic value, this count will proceed in reverse:

#5. Loose Leaf Tea Sample Bags:

This picture was featured in my blog post Ideal Tea Sample Sizes: How Small, How Large? I personally think the post is much more interesting than the photo, and have no clue why the photo is getting so many views.

#4. Iced Green Tea:

I do think this is a rather pretty photo, probably the only photo on the list that I think has good composition.

#3. Back of Tea Bag Wrapper, Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea:

Huh? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. Not sure why people would want to look at this.

#2. Starway Loose Green Tea Tins:

This is the photo of one of the teas that I featured in my post Cheap Tea: Loose-leaf Teas Offering Outstanding Value.

#1. Dong Suh Tea Bag Wrapper:

Yes, this is the number one most-viewed tea-related photo on my site. The photos of loose-leaf tea all get considerably fewer views.

Some things about the web really don't make much sense to me. What do you think? Do you have a theory as to why the photos of the Dong Suh tea wrappers are getting so many views?


  1. It's probably related to search traffic? That would be my guess.

    1. Yes, but that still sheds little light on it! And I don't think I have the motivation to delve into the necessary depth to exhaustively answer this question when there are much more interesting questions about search traffic (mainly, relating to RateTea) that I would rather focus on.

  2. Wow, well, it is a rather attractive wrapper? ;) I don't think you are giving #5 enough credit... I was tempted to click on it and see if I could identify any of the types of tea.

    PS I'm finding your "for dramatic value, this count will proceed in reverse" and how expressively you answered Sylvia's comment quite entertaining :)

  3. I know why: because when you want to dring dong suh, there is only one brand when I look it up from GERMANY, and germans love dong suh tea, so if we want to find out what dong suh is and where to buy it, we get to your website! I WANT DONG SUH TEA NOW AND IT IS HARD TO GET HERE !!! :D yours, julia (

    1. Haha, thank you for the insights! I took a peek though at my data, and that doesn't explain it...most of the viewers of the dong suh photo wrappers are in the US, and after that, the Phillipines and then Thailand. Germany is #9 in the list, a greater portion than of my site's total viewers...but certainly not enough to explain most of the views!

      Do you have H Mart or any other Korean grocery chains in Germany? I recently found Dong Suh tea for sale at H Mart, which a Korean supermarket chain here in the U.S.

      It is hard to get here too though. That's the only place I've ever seen it for sale in the states.