Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lingering Lemon Myrtle in a Cup of Dragon Well

I haven't been updating much, and I have not yet explained why, but perhaps I can save that for a future post.

Today I am drinking a cup of dragon well green tea from TeaVivre (quite outstanding, I might add), and I used a basket infuser, brewing it in a mug. When I brewed it, I had forgotten that the last thing I had brewed in this infuser was lemon myrtle.

In spite of washing out the infuser, the cup has a noticeable lemony quality. I've noticed that lemon myrtle tends to linger like this, more than other lemony herbs.

I find I actually really like the result...dragon well with a hint of lemon, more than I like most blends involving green tea and lemon. The reason is that it is subtle; often, when people add lemon flavoring to a tea, the lemon is intense, often masking a less-than-high-quality green tea. In this case, I'm drinking a very good green tea, and the lemon is just a hint.

How about you?

Have you ever tried lemon myrtle? Have you found that its lemoniness lingers on your teaware even after rinsing it out? Have you ever enjoyed a hint of a lemony quality in green tea? Do you think you'd like this more than the strongly lemony blends sold by most tea companies that sell lemon-flavored green tea?


  1. Yes! Even in the stainless! It sounds like a happy accident.

  2. Oh I like that idea! Might try that at home!

  3. I have tried lemon verbena, which I didn't consider very lemony. I bought lemongrass from Mountain Rose Herbs, though, and absolutely enjoy it as a blend or on its own. My favorite blend using lemongrass is with peppermint I made a lemongrass/peppermint/citron green blend I call Meditation Bliss at and I order that occasionally. I'll have to give lemon myrtle a try.

    1. Yeah...lemon verbena isn't the lemoniest of them. I think lemongrass tends to be more lemony than lemon verbena or lemon balm, and lemon myrtle probably more than all of them.

      But I love lemon verbena and lemon balm both. I find lemon verbena often has a gingerbready aroma, especially the dried herb, which I really like.