Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top 5 Most Popular Articles on RateTea

I've resolved to post a top 5 (or, like last time, bottom 5) post every Sunday. Today's post is focused on the articles on RateTea, excluding articles about brands or tea companies, styles of tea, or tea-producing regions. Similarly, percentages given are only of total article views, not other material on the site.

  • Caffeine Content of Tea - Our definitive guide to how much caffeine is in various types of tea, this one article contributes a whopping 37% of articles views on the site. This makes sense to me, as it is information that people want to know, and we have been very thorough in compiling this resource.

  • Writing About Tea - This article, a guide of how to write tea reviews and write about tea, contributes 9.2% of views to articles.

  • Health Benefits of Tea - The infamous buzzword article, contributing 4.9% of views; this article takes a more skeptical, science-based approach to this topic, which is often riddled with hype, misinformation, and marketing scams.

  • Brewing Tea - A basic how-to guide for brewing tea, it makes sense that this article is well-viewed, contributing 4% to total views.

  • Organic Tea - With 3.8% of views, this article is an overview of organic tea, covering why organic agriculture is important, but also adopting a critical tone later in the article, explaining the drawbacks of organic certification, and that organics are not the be-all and end-all of sustainable tea production.


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