Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SpontaneiTea: A Second New Tea Blog

Although this blog isn't very active any more, I wanted to announce a second, new tea blog that I've founded more recently. This blog is SpontaneiTea. It is hosted on Tea Trade. I will still be running Teacology, although I'm anticipating that I will tend to update SpontaneiTea more often because the posts there will be of a more casual nature.

This blog has been going for some time now, so I want to highlight a few of the posts to give you an idea of what sorts of things you'll find there:

Why yet another new tea blog?

After working on Teacology for some time, where I was putting a lot more effort and energy into posts, and thus updating much less frequently and much less regularly, I realized that I wanted an additional outlet for more casual writings about tea like I used to share on this blog. I occasionally have been posting about tea on my personal Tumblr, but it's not the same.

Why Tea Trade?

Tea Trade is a blogging community designed by and for tea lovers, and it has an active community of tea bloggers. It seemed a logical place for a casual tea-related blog, one oriented a little more towards tea industry insiders and hobbyists, whereas Wordpress seemed better suited to reaching a more general audience.

Three (four?!?) tea blogs now: uh oh, am I obsessed?

Yes, I know it is absurd, I now have three tea blogs, four if you count RateTea's Tumblr. But hey, it makes sense to me? Different blogging platforms have different strengths and I think are good for different things.

I hope you enjoy this new blog!