Sunday, April 15, 2012

Top 5 Keyword Combinations Sending Traffic To This Blog

I was inspired by Gingko's recent post top 10 search keywords in this blog to share my own top 5 post on this topic.

Online, a magnifying glass is often used to denote search. Here, I display a search and rescue helicopter to denote search. The helicopter is British.

So here are the top 5 keywords or groups of keywords (I aggregated a few related ones to form this list) sending search traffic to this blog:

  • alex zorach - This search term actually makes sense when I observe that very few of these visits to my blog constitute new visits; it seems people who already know of my blog are visiting the blog by typing my name into google.

  • tea blog or tea blogs - This search term is intuitive for me because my blog is a tea blog.

  • infusion vs decoction or decoction vs infusion - People finding my post Infusion vs. Decoction. This one does not surprise me; I shared this post because I knew that there wasn't much material on the internet discussing this distinction.

  • hourglass tea timer - This term lands on my post The "Perfect Tea Timer": An Hourglass Tea Timer, about a tea timer I observed in the Random Tea Room in Philadelphia.

  • wegmans tea - Landing on my page Tea at Wegmans Supermarket.

It's interesting how search keywords work. I think this sort of pattern is actually quite normal for blogs. I've run a number of other blogs; currently my idea blog is not very active, but it shows a similar pattern to both this blog and Gingko's, with a lot of the top search terms being rather random, and associated with images featured prominently in certain posts, but also with some search terms related to the subject matter of certain posts as well.

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  1. Yeah it seems a lot of online search are driven by images!