Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Locate Tea Bloggers

Connecting with bloggers is a valuable thing to do whether you yourself are a blogger, someone who works for a business, or just someone who likes to read blogs. Tea companies may want to find people to send samples to for review, and bloggers may wish to connect with other bloggers to get new ideas and perspectives.

I'd like to highlight a few resources that I've found useful, and one I've created myself. You will see a few tea blogs linked to in the sidebar of this blog, but there are many good tea blogs that are not in that list.

Lists and Collections of Tea Bloggers:

One of the most comprehensive lists of tea bloggers is Tea Guy Speaks' Tea Blog List. This list has been around since 2006 and is continuously updated.

The Association of Tea Bloggers (ATB) List of Member Blogs is a good way to locate blogs that have a certain standard of editorial quality. I am a member of, and also a fan of the ATB and would recommend considering joining it if you are eligible to do so. However, there are plenty of outstanding blogs that are not members of the ATB.

Another resource, one that I compiled myself, is my twitter list of tea bloggers. This is a list of 99 (currently) twitter users who blog about tea in some form or another. If you see anyone on this list who no longer has a blog, or if you know of anyone who is on twitter and you think should be added to this list (including yourself, don't be shy!), please let me know.

Also, if you know of any other collections of tea bloggers, please share it, so that I can add it to this post or future posts!


Another useful list is Tea Entrepot's list of tea blogs: this list is of particular interest because it contains tea blogs of many different languages, and, in the left sidebar, identifies the geographic location of many of the blogs.


  1. Dear Alex, I keep an aggregator of tea blogs on my website, Tea Entrepot:

    Hope you find it useful too!


  2. Thank you! This is definitely a unique resource that has some blogs that were not listed on the others. I've updated the post, adding your list!