Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Featured Tea Blog: Tea Guy Speaks by William I. Lengeman III

Recently I've been featuring a bunch of tea blogs. This week's post features a completely different tea blog, which I also greatly appreciate, and for completely different reasons from any of the other blogs I have featured recently. This blog is Tea Guy Speaks, run by William I Lengeman III:

What I like about this blog:

Tea Guy Speaks publishes a lot of press releases from within the tea industry, and is a good place to keep up on what is happening among the larger, more mainstream specialty tea companies, but the blog also highlights smaller and less well-known companies as well. The blog frequently shares videos, mostly promotional videos related to tea, and many funny videos. It also showcases various sorts of tea businesses, and occasionally, a tea review or two. But, while I appreciate all these aspects of the blog, there is an additional section that is not particularly blog-like, which is the #1 thing I like about this blog.

"Tea Resources" lists:

The blog also has a few very comprehensive resources which I have mentioned before, but would like to draw attention to. My favorite of these is the tea blog list, an exhaustive list of tea blogs which is one of the best references out there if you want as complete a listing of blogs focused primarily on tea as you will find. Another smaller list is the list of Tea chats, Lists, and Forums, and there is also a list of Tea Review Sites, which includes websites, both interactive and not, that have tea reviews from multiple reviewers.

There are other lists too, a total of eight (the business spotlights are linked to but are in a blog format, not a pure list). These lists are too much for me to really cover in depth...they can all be found in the blog's sidebar, labelled "Tea Resources":

Whether or not you subscribe to it, Tea Guy Speaks is yet another blog that I think is worth knowing about if you are involved in any capacity in the tea industry. If you run a blog, website, tea of the month club, tea room or tea house directory, or other relevant business or website, check the lists to see if your organization is already listed. It probably already is, but if not, Tea Guy Speaks is very responsive about adding new items and keeping these lists up-to-date. And lastly, you can also get in touch with Teaguyspeaks on twitter; he's quite active there, shares and retweets a lot of material, and is a good person to tweet with if you want to get involved in the tea conversation.


  1. A belated thanks for the mention. We're coming up on our seven-year anniversary soon and still hanging in there.

    1. Congratulations! That's a long anniversary for a blog or website!