Saturday, October 22, 2011

Old Posts on Herbs & Herbal Teas

Since this blog has far more subscribers now than it did a year ago, I periodically like to bring attention to some old posts that many of the newer readers may have missed...and today I want to bring attention to posts on the topic of herbs and herbal teas. Pictured is a collage giving a hint of what these posts have to offer:

Yes, I just said "herbal tea", a technically incorrect term which nonetheless is in widespread usage. This leads into my first post:

  • Is herbal tea tea? - In this post I explain why I use the term herbal tea both in this blog and on RateTea, even though herbal teas are not tea.

  • Monarda Tea Review - A review of herbal tea made from a plant of the Monarda genus, harvested locally in Delaware, with photos both of the plant and the steeping process.

  • Rooibos Protects Against Gamma Rays - I just had to draw attention to this post, which sounds too outrageous to be true, and surprisingly, is not.

  • Pineapple Sage Tea - Salvia Elegans - A post, with a photo, of one of my favorite plants to brew herbal tea from, and discussion of why you are unlikely to find this herb for sale on the market: this herb, delicious fresh, does not dry well.


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