Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Top 5 Squidoo Pages on Tea

Update: Squidoo has since closed. You can read about it on my page title The Rise and Fall of Squidoo. I've updated the pages here to pages that I republished on a new site, Wizzley, for ones that have been republished.

I publish on a ton of different sites. I'm inherently a bit of a dabbler. One of the sites I publish on is called Squidoo. Squidoo is a bit of a quirky site; the first time I saw it I honestly did not see the purpose of it, and I actually found it quite annoying. However, over time I began to see its value. I actually recommend for serious webmasters and bloggers to check out and fiddle with Squidoo because it is an excellent way to learn about how to engage readers with interactive features.

Squidoo is a self-publishing website, but one that is structured very differently from a simple website or blog. It allows you to create pages by putting together modules, which can contain text, images, embedded content, or interactive features like discussions or polls, to name a few.

I have published a couple dozen pages about tea on Squidoo, and here are the five most popular. These articles are more casual and meant to appeal to a slightly different audience from my tea blog:

  • Tea vs Coffee - Caffeine, Health, Cost, Acidity, and Benefits - You probably know ahead of time that I'm going to come out advocating for tea; I try to give solid reasons for my preference though.
  • Loose Tea Companies - Where to Buy Loose-Leaf Tea Online and In Stores - This page highlights a few of my favorite companies, and also gives some general advice.
  • Hibiscus Tea (Roselle) - Health Benefits, for Hypertension and More - This lens focuses on hibiscus tea and its various supposed health benefits, with a particular focus on its blood-pressure lowering properties.
  • My Tea Blog - Tea, Sustainability, Herbs, Ecology, and More - A page about this blog, intended to draw in readers to this blog from the Squidoo community.
  • Tea Bag Brands - The counterpart to the looose tea companies page, I was surprised to find that this page generated significantly less interest and traffic than the page on loose-leaf tea. Is this a sign that the tide is turning in favor of loose tea?

What do you think?
Have you ever used Squidoo as a self-publishing platform? If so, please leave a comment so I can connect with you on that site as well. What do you think of the format / features that this site has to offer?

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