Friday, December 9, 2011

An Unusual-Shaped Mug

One of my friends, Allison Bishop, has made some interesting pottery. While at a cookie party at her apartment (where, incidentally, some very high-quality loose-leaf teas were consumed), I noticed this mug that she was drinking tea from:

I really like the way this mug looks, but I also like the way it feels when holding it. It is handleless, and best to hold with two hands.

There is something organic and earthy about it. It also got me thinking about drinking tea from a relatively wide, flat mug, and I realized that I had never drunk tea from a mug or cup with a wider, flatter shape like this one.


  1. Heh. Thanks, Alex.

    My mugs tend to be wider, with a relatively thin wall shape, and I find that encouraging them to undulate like this actually makes it more fun to throw.

    This one in particular was part of a series of tea bowls/bowl bowls that I was making last fall. All of them have some sort of undulation, some more so than others.

    It's a brown stoneware clay, glazed with a Copper Red overall and a vertical dip down into Turner's beauty so that just the outside had that glaze.

    Glad you enjoyed -


  2. "More fun to throw"?? But if you throw it, wouldn't it break? (Just kidding.)

    It's a really cool looking mug. I kinda want one. Do you sell your creations, Allison?