Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An About Page, And Other Navigation Pages

In case you haven't noticed, yesterday I added several more permanent or timeless pages to this blog, and a toolbar at the top. There's now an "About" page (helping me to be a little more consistent at practicing what I preach, after I wrote some time ago about the importance of having an about page), as well as a page highlighting popular posts, and a page on the series of best practices for tea company websites.

These changes are mainly because this blog has grown old enough that I think there are a lot of useful posts buried deep in the history...and I want to encourage new readers and new visitors to this blog to discover some of the better old posts out there.

If you have a blog:

If you have a blog, I'd encourage you to periodically draw attention to your older posts, especially ones that you are most passionate about, or that you think are the most informative or the best representatives of your work. I love reading this sort of stuff, so if I subscribe to your blog, and you post something of this nature, I'll be very likely to read it. Also, if you have any suggestions about what you'd like me to include in the navigation bar at the top, please let me know too!

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