Monday, January 16, 2012

Tea-Food Pairings: Kiwifruit And Pouchong

I mostly discover tea-food pairings by accident. I recently I discovered an unlikely pairing that I thought went quite well together: kiwifruit and Pouchong / Bao Zhong tea.

Photo by André Karwath aka Aka, Wikimedia commons. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5.

On Kiwifruit:

Kiwifruit are a rather strange fruit; they are quite delicious (and high in Vitamin C), but leave a lingering tangy quality on the palate, which I find can radically change the experience of anything I eat or drink after them. Sometimes, I find the effect on a cup of tea is negative, especially if the tea is a more mellow or subtle one. Usually, the teas that I find are best to drink after eating a kiwi are strong teas which overpower the lingering flavor and sensations left by the fruit, but teas that work well with having an additional tangy quality added to them.

Pouchong or Kiwifruit:

Pouchong is a type of tea that I would not expect to go well with Kiwifruit. Its flavor is mild and slightly sweet, and its aroma gentle, floral, and vegetal. But I found that, in the case of the pouchong I most recently tried, they went pretty well together.

This Pouchong:

I drank a cup of Upton Tea Import's TT92: Formosa Pouchong. When I first ordered from Upton, they had only two Pouchongs in their catalogue. Both were extremely high-end, among the highest-priced of Upton's offerings. One of the reasons I prefer Upton is their lower prices. This new offering is not cheap, but it is lower in price than either of the two other teas (both of which they still carry). You can read my review of this newer pouchong on RateTea.

What do you think?

Does kiwifruit spoil or interfere with your experience of tea? Can you see pouchong going well with kiwi?

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