Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 5 Most-Viewed Region Pages on RateTea

RateTea has pages with brief to long articles on individual tea-producing regions, including both countries and smaller divisions, such as states, provinces, prefectures, districts, counties, or whatever divisions exist in the countries that grow tea. This post highlights which of these articles or pages are viewed most often on RateTea.

This list was surprising to me.

  1. Japan - Japan comes out a clear first, beating out China by a long-shot. Why? This result was not intuitive to me; although Japan certainly has a very well-developed specialty tea culture, the volume of tea and diversity of tea produced by China is much greater, and the number of Chinese teas listed on RateTea is much larger. However, when I looked at when this page started being more viewed, I realized exactly what was going on...this page received few views before march of 2011; people seem to be coming here to learn about their tea in response to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

  2. China - This one is to be expected.

  3. The United States - Another surprise....the United States barely produces any tea commercially, but, given that the bulk of RateTea's audience is in the U.S., I think it makes sense that people would be interested or curious to check out this page. The page itself is fairly extensive, and talks both about the sparse tea production in the U.S., the climate of the U.S. as related to growing the tea plant, and herbs grown in the U.S. used in herbal teas.

  4. India - Another expected one.

  5. Sri Lanka - No surprise here either.

There you have it. Interesting, huh? Oh, and guess what one was number six on the list? Guatemala.

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