Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Water: Wow, This Tea is Awesome!

Sylvia, who works with me on RateTea, shared an amusing story with me about her friend Abby in college. Abby was preparing to make some tea, but got distracted or sidetracked somehow, and poured a cup of hot water but forgot to actually put any tea in it, and somehow ended up with a mug full of hot water. She then proceeded to sip a cup of hot water, and had the reaction:

Wow, this tea is awesome! What is it?

I found this highly amusing.


  1. Ha ha. "Abby" is welcome in my house. I have lots of hot water to share. However, I'm forever running out of good tea. Well, that wouldn't be a problem with Abby around now, would it?!

  2. :-) Tho I do start most days with hot water and lemon.

  3. I call plain hot water "the Emperor's new tea."

  4. Haha...that's great Brett. =) "Its flavor is so subtle that only the most experienced connoisseurs can appreciate its nuances."