Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 5 Google Search Terms About Tea

When using Google for search, there is a convenient and sometimes humorous autocomplete feature: if you start typing a word or phrase, Google provides options for completing what you've typed with the most commonly-typed searches. The selection of autocomplete options given sheds light on what people type into Google search most frequently.

Here are the top five terms related to tea:

  • tea party - Yes, they're talking about the tea party political movement, not a party featuring the drink.

  • tea tree oil - Tea tree oil is not from the tea plant, it is from another plant, Melaleuca alternifolia.

  • tea leoni - An American actress, whom I know next-to-nothing about.

  • teacup pig - "Teacup pig" is a term for a breed of miniature pig; these pigs, small enough to fit inside a large teacup, were originally developed for medical research, but have become popular as pets. "Teacup pigs" apparently generate a lot of shady business, as it can be hard to distinguish a true miniature pig (which will stay small) from normal piglets which will eventually grow into a full-size pig.

  • tea act - The Tea Act was a famous piece of British legislation, passed in 1773, and leading to the Boston Tea Party.

If you are using personalized search results, or are searching in a different region of the world from me, you may see different results from this list.

It turns out that none of these terms are directly related to tea, the drink, although most are related in some roundabound way.

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