Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Look and Feel For This Blog

After using the old default blogger template and color scheme, with a few minor modifications, for a long time, I finally switched templates yesterday. It's nothing fancy, another one of the basic templates, with one of the standard color schemes. But I wanted something that would look a bit more organic and nature-oriented, more appropriate to the themes of tea, herbs, nature, and ecology that I cover in this blog, in contrast to the mostly-blue, tech-ey look to the old blog. I also adjusted the widths on the layout, making it wider (the old blog felt cramped to me).

Screenshot of the new look:

The old layout, for comparison:

The following screenshot is actually not of my blog, it is of Cha Dao, an excellent although now infrequently updated tea blog / journal with multiple authors. I was unable to easily recover the old default template as it seems to have been removed from the options, but the screenshot shows you what the old layout looked like:

What do you think?

Do you like the new layout and look-and-feel better than the old one? Do you think it provides a better connotation to the subject matter of my blog? Do you like the wider widths? Any small tweaks you'd suggest, or similar templates that you think might make an even better match?


  1. Yes Alex, I like this theme, and I like it better. I just think it looks "cleaner" and more modern. I was quite used to the old one, but this appeals to me much more. Having said that, I'd read your blog even if it were orange with pink piggies on it.

  2. Orange with pink piggies...do I sense a challenge? =)